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One year of Modi 2.0: It’s seen extraordinary economic and political crises. Covid only exposed the glaring gaps

5/29/2020 TOIArticle Link

"Emperor Ashoka transformed from a conqueror to the champion of justice after the devastation during the Battle of Kalinga opened his eyes to the futility of territorial expansion at the cost of people’s lives. Will the extraordinary human suffering we are witnessing during our ‘Battle with Coro...Read More

Centre must address privacy concerns, and ensure greater transparency on Aarogya Setu

5/12/2020 Indian Express Article Link

In 2017, India witnessed a unique event. A democratically-elected government stood before the Supreme Court and argued that it had complete and absolute right over the lives of its citizens. It asserted that privacy was an “elitist” concern, that its surveillance powers had no constitutional lim...Read More

"The need of the hour is for Centre to release funds for states to fight COVID-19"

3/27/2020 Indian Express Article Link

In Karnataka, we celebrate Ugadi by eating bevu bella, neem leaves mixed with jaggery so we can take both bitter and sweet in our stride. Our new year started with the 21-day lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This extraordinary but appropriate risk management measure should hel...Read More